5 Cool Ways to Use a Vcard for Your Website

What’s a vCard?

A vCard in web design context is essentially a no frills, self contained web page typically used to highlight something or someone in the most clear and effective way.

An actual vCard however is a nifty little contact file called a .vcf. Here’s what mine looks like when viewed on Mac OSX contacts:

If you combine the two then you’ve got your very own impressive online business card with a file to share so that people can store your details. I made this example for myself here: https://dandoesdigital.co.uk/vcard/

But hold on one moment… no one says a vCard has to be basic and who’s to say you can’t do more than just use it as a business card?

There are some pretty good 3rd party vCard website designers out there but purchasing my ‘Personal vCard’ design package will give you many more options.

Here’s 5 cool things you can do with your vCard page:

1. Get a custom URL

Rather than a URL like joebloggs.myvcards.com, you can get your very own custom one! For example, davidsdonuts.co.uk.

Use the domain checker to see if a URL is available and secure it through me along with your design and hosting.

2. Keep it updated

If you decide on a basic layout, it can be quickly and easily updated and customised with new information.

Maybe you’re a motivational speaker and need to add some upcoming event dates. Or a massage therapist who’s just qualified in another technique.

3. Ad some fun!

It’s your page so do something fun with it! Using a slider tool we can create some interesting transitions with custom timings.

This is a good way to introduce some more engaging content and also break it down in to sections without users having to scroll through a long page.

4. Link it up

You can link pretty much anything to anywhere and there are few great uses for this.

You could be an influencer that wants include a list of affiliate links to products or services that you endorse? Or you might be a musician who wants to use the page to link to streaming services or places to purchase your songs?

Oh and don’t forget your social media accounts. This is always a great way to attract new subscribers.

With 500MB of storage included in the package, there’s also enough space to host a few files that can be downloaded directly – a range of eBooks for example.

5. Mailing list

One really simple use for your vCard page is to offer a email list subscription form.

Upon setting up a form, it can be linked up to most email marketing services – MailChimp for example.

Building an email list has for a long time been one of the most effective digital marketing channels. Not only can you send news, offers and updates to your list directly but you can import the data in to other marketing platforms and use it for retargeting and even prospecting against similar audiences.

Pricing and info

If you purchase a year subscription the ‘Personal vCard’ package comes in at just £2.50/mo for hosting – cheaper than many other 3rd party vCard services!

Want your own email address too? No problem! Just add a license for the number of users you need at the checkout for just £1.99/mo.

For any additional questions, just shoot me a message via the enquiry form.