Launching a new business in Brighton?

There are two ways to kick off your new business venture.

Throw a ton of money and resources at it. Or be frugal and plan carefully – ‘bootstrapping’ as it’s most often referred.

If you’re reading this now then I imagine it’s because you’re more interested in the latter.

Of course, it might seem a bit of a contradiction to ask you to spend money on a service that shows you how best to do the opposite.

Yes, you’ll need at least some budget to work with but not a lot. Plus I can be as hands on as you need.

Ask as many questions as you can, take the information and run with it.

Or have me work as and when you need from month to month.

What do I provide?

Initial scoping session

First we’ll get up to speed with your product or service by performing a quick SWOT analysis. What are your USPs, how is the state of play in your marketplace or industry, who are your competitors?

Marketing and sales requirements

It will be important to understand where your marketing efforts will have the most bang for your buck and what resources you’ll need.

  • Do you need your own website or are there 3rd party options?
  • What will be the most effective channels – social, PPC, influencer?
  • Can you leverage any particular mediums – audio, blogging and outreach, affiliates?


Technical assistance

I’ll show you how to leverage low cost or even free SaaS products for lots of different uses; taking bookings, managing inventory, shipping goods or prospecting and lead generation.

Also, with access to your website I can set up relevant Google and Facebook tracking features in order to start building audiences and unlocking incredibly effective ad targeting.


Book your first 5 hours of consultation with me and I’ll only charge for 4.
For pay-per-click and paid social campaigns I apply a 30% management fee to the total spend. A minimum spend per campaign applies.
I outsource an array of additional services, most commonly creative design and content development. After agreeing a budget for the work I’ll then negotiate with the right freelancers to get you the best deal (more info).