Mail Chimp Snap – The ultimate tool for improving your email quality, frequency and conversion

I’ve counted on MailChimp to deliver my emails for some time now.

Sometimes though, for long periods of time my subscribers wouldn’t hear a peep out of me.

Of course, it wasn’t MailChimps fault – I only had myself to blame.

I’d end up swerving the task of constructing an email for lots of daft reasons. Laziness, prioritising other jobs, worrying about the content.

I worried about my content a lot.

Often times when I eventually sat down to craft an email I’d get so frustrated, feeling like I’m forcing something on to the page.

All this is to say, writing and designing emails for your list can be damn hard which is why many of us prefer to bury our heads in the sand. Am I right?

If you do have a similar resentment toward your email campaigns, bear this in mind:

Email marketing is one of the cheapest, quickest and often most successful ways to grow your business

Therefore, you simply can’t afford to ignore your list.

Surely there’s a tool that helps people like us send better email …Yes! It’s called Mail Chimp Snap.

MC Snap

So easy you can create campaigns on your lunch break

I hadn’t realised until I saw someone talking about it on twitter one day, MailChimp have actually developed specific apps to handle individual parts of the functionality that encompasses their full web platform.

One of those apps is called MC Snap and like many great things, it’s simple but effective.

It allows you to add an image, some text and a url link to one of several different basic templates and send it to your email subscribers.

The reason this app works so well is because there are so few distractions.

You won’t end up wasting time thumbing through previous campaigns, checking reports or suddenly getting a creative spurt and fiddling about with your email template designs.

The apps slick UI draws your attention solely toward completing four simple sections:

  • Image
  • Subject
  • Main copy
  • URL link / button (optional)


If you have several accounts then you can choose one when you log in. And if you’ve set them up, you can also choose to send email to specific list segments.

To utilise MC Snap you’ll need to be using Mailchimp as your email list provider (free or paid account).

New users can click my referral link to get $30 free credit when signing up for a paid subscription. Just click here!

Well now you know about this brilliant little app, let me show you how to make the most of it and progress to Jedi status.

Supercharging your email success with MC Snap

Whilst the intention of MC Snap is simplicity, there are still plenty of opportunities to max out the effectiveness of your campaign with some advanced techniques.

Experiment with a few or all of the following tips and you’ll be guaranteed to see your email success rate soar in no time.

1. Keep it snappy

Don’t be tempted to drivel on about all your companies latest and greatest news. This isn’t the time or the place.

Centre your email around a striking image and back it up with around 2 – 4 sentences of copy which cuts to the point.

If you’ve developed a great relationship with your list, many people will still be happy to spend a few minutes reading longer form messages. However 15 – 20 seconds of reading is far more digestible and much more likely to encourage a call-to-action, especially if it’s the only one on the page.

Don’t ask too much, nobody likes being confronted with multiple decisions; we just don’t have time these days!

Simplify the choices and provide a call to action that ensures the reader knows what to expect when clicking through.

Product Hunt do this really well with their digest emails.

Product Hunt Digest Emails Example

Example: Product Hunt Digest Emails

2. Subject lines: bring your A game

In the app you need to enter a title and this acts as your subject line. The one thing we know about a subject line is, it can mean the difference between your email being read or not.

It’s a good idea to have a quick read up on subject lines so I’d suggest going to none other than MailChimp (of course). Also, for the data-hungry out there, Ungapped produced this great article.

My personal recommendation is to craft an email line that ties in with the rest of your email.

It should associate well with the image and the body text.

You could try starting a sentence but finishing it in the first line of the body e.g. “If you want to stay hydrated… / …try our brand new super drink!”.

Make sure the full sentence reads well and is enticing enough for the recipient to want to open.

Here’s the inbox preview and the full email:

mc snap test subject

mc test full email

Or the subject could relate to the email image e.g.

Subject line: "And here's what happened next..."

Subject: “And here’s what happened next…”

The image and subject should go hand in hand to make for a compelling reason to open.

You might do well with the Buzzfeed style, ‘I never thought that [….] until I saw this..’ title.

Or you might find that your audience responds better to a less NLP-esque and straight forward subject line like, ‘Here’s the best [….] that money can buy right now’.

It depends on your field or industry as to the best way to word your subject and you’ll only find your groove after a few testers so don’t expect to nail it right straight away.

Wherever your research takes you, just remember the obvious: a subject line should describe the subject of your email.

3. Let it flow

Along the same lines to what I discuss above, try to craft your email so that it flows as one whole.

This bitesized format means that when a recipient opens your email, they’re likely to be able to see the whole of it on the screen; or with just one short scroll on mobile.

Use the opportunity to construct an email that keeps the eye moving across the page, all the way toward your CTA.

Short sentences are better than paragraphs but bear in mind they’ll move content down the page and cause viewers the need to scroll on mobile.

Refrain from adding too many details. Instead, move this information to your landing page and try making this the CTA.

e.g. Last sentence: “Want to see the secret ingredient of our super drink?” Button: “Tell me more!”.

4. Amazing Artwork

There’s a so much you can do with your image and what you decide on will determine the feel of your email.

For this reason, I think it’s important to choose your image type well. Here are some examples of different image types you could choose:

  • Quick snap shot – great for unique spur of the moment communications where the image does the talking. Use an interesting angle and experiment with filters.
  • Quality photo – a striking image with more time taken to achieve quality lighting, framing, focus etc might be all it takes to encourage your recipient to read further. You can take great photos with most mobile phones today. Here’s some tips for iPhone.
  • Stock image – you can get some really great stock images but be careful not to choose something too cheesy or overused. Great results can be achieved by cropping or re-framing the image and also using filters and a touch of gaussian blur.


Pro Tip – Overlay text on the image

Carefully placing some nice typography on your image can further extend its impact.

Plus it can be used to expand on the message within your subject line.

I use Word Swag for quick renditions and Canva for some more design intensive variations.

Text over image design made with Canva

Text over image design made with Canva

Final thoughts

There we have it, my best advice to give your email marketing a kick up the butt!

I’ve demonstrated how you can use MC Snap to create quality emails fast, it’s up to you now to get to work.

I know that once you’ve sent a few, the process will become neater and easier and you’ll even begin to look forward to your next correspondence.

Don’t forget:

A/B test your emails to see what’s working best with your audience.

Maybe even begin to think about segmenting those that respond best to this format and targeting them with similar content.


I hope this guide helps you create better content for your email list and that you’re able to find a rhythm.

Let me know how you get on, I’d love to hear the results!