Helping businesses develop with managed outsourcing

What do I mean by ‘managed outsourcing’?

Think about any time you stopped and thought, “there must be a better way of doing this” or “I’m spending too much on this, surely there’s a cheaper option”.

You’re right about those things and in an ideal world the goal is to increase your business’ efficiency, but to what end?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • do you know what a potential solution would look like?
  • can you afford to spend time finding the solution yourself?
  • can you create the solution yourself?
  • do you know how much the solution is worth paying someone else?


Essentially, if you conclude that your business needs development expertise but you’re not sure how, where or at what cost; this is where I step in.

After learning about your business and the specific task, I’ll help to diagnose a unique solution.

I can then research, hire and manage a specialist who will provide the work needed within budget and on time.

A wide range of business solutions are possible to help increase efficiency, save money and support growth of your business.

Here’s a brief case study to highlight an example of the type of work I can do for you.


PA Studio is a music rehearsal studio in Brighton and they have 4 rooms available to book throughout the week.

Previously they’ve used a physical diary, google calendar and a basic spreadsheet to manage their bookings. I think it’s fair to say none of these produced acceptable results.

I researched some third party software and website integrations but they were either to expensive, too rigid or not native enough to the operating systems that the team were used to.

It’s all well finding a tool that works but I also like to make sure that it can be adopted effectively by users and it transpired that I could probably use Google Apps to create the best solution.

My idea was to use Forms in order to validate the input data and then transpose the resulting data from Sheets to a simple calendar view.

At this point I decided to investigate how it might be possible to leverage the Google Apps Script in order to automate this last process and began talking with developers.

After some testing we decided that Google Calendar would present the bookings in a user friendly way and also provide sufficient administrative flexibility.

I hired a developer who wrote the code and we worked together to tie any loose ends and finalise the job.

Finally we deployed the solution in the business.

The result from this small project far outweighed the cost and the business now experiences less data error, a more organised database, faster booking UI and higher customer satisfaction.


If you think I can help develop a solution for your business, please get in touch.