Launching a new business?

I’m mad about startups. Especially those founded around a passion for something.

Today, turning your passion in to a business is more viable than ever. But you’ll still need the savvy, the sticking power and the stomach to really make it work.

Well, in me you’ve got someone with over 15 years experience in commerce and business development.

I spent 5 years developing and running a couple of my own businesses but am now hoping to spend more time working with partners across other industries and solving a wider range of business challenges.

What do I provide?

I can help provide support with projects ranging from EPoS to Email marketing. Here’s a few more examples:

  • Social media account set up
  • Content curation and scheduling
  • Free online tools (SaaS)
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads

Most importantly, by setting clear outcomes I want to help you get your new venture off to a flying start.